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Medipaams India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Abhi Munani & & Mr. Alpesh Munani

Head Office Address : Office No.111, 1st Floor Building No.2, Unico Industrial Park Tungareshwar Road, Vasai (east) Dist:Thane-401208

Branch Office Address : : 2nd Floor,Varjivan Mansion,52/62 Shamaldas Gandhi Marg.Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400002, India


Product Name Packing
  Cofnil Plus Syrup ( Cough Syp) 100ml 500ml 5 Ltr.
Gynorex Plus Syrup (Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Dysfunctional Bleeding, HabitualAbortion, Menstural Disorders & Leucorrhoea) 200ml   500ml
Glovin Syrup (Memory & Body Power)   100ml 200ml
Livup –D Syrup (Anorexia,Malnutirtion,Growth Failure,Jaundice, Hepatitis)   100ml 200ml 500ml
Livup – D Capsule’s (Anorexia, Malnutirtion, Growth Failure, Jaundice, Hepatitis) 1x10’s 1x100’s
Rumex Plus Liniment / Capslues. (For Sprains,Low Back Pain,Joint Pain,Medical & Sports Massage, Frozen Shoulders, OA, RA, Sciatica & Gout)     50ml 100ml 500ml 1000ml 4500ml 5 Ltr.
Zym Capsule’s (Loss of Apetite, Indigestion, Acid Peptic Syndrome,Enzyme Secretions) 1x10’s
Zym Syrup (Loss of Apetite, Indigestion, Acid Peptic Syndrome, Enzyme Secretions) 200ml
Zee-30 Capsule’s (Antioxidant,Prvent Carcinogens in Smokers, Nutritive Tonic & Rejuvanator)   1x10’s 1x100’s
Uro Capsule’s (Renal Calucli,Non Specific Urinary Tract Infections ,Burning Mictruration & Prostatitis) 1x10’s
Virocil Syrup (Respiratory Tract Infections, Mumps, Measles, Chickenpox, Herpes Zoster, Viral hepatitis,Also to boost Imnunity to HIV patient) 100ml
Virocil Capsule’s (Respiratory Tract Infections, Mumps, Measles, Chickenpox,Herpes Zoster, Viral hepatitis, Also to boost Imnunity to HIV patient) 1x10’s 1x100’s
Gynorex Plus Capsule’s (Dysmenorrhoea,Amenorrhoea,Leucorrhoea,Menorhagia,Irregular Menstrual Cycle,Habitual Abortion,Releives Premenstural Tension & Infertility) 1x10’s
Daicare Capsule’s ( Anti-Diabetic) 1x10’s
Cofdryl Syrup ( Cough Syp) 100ml
Artone-XX Capsule’s (Herbal Sexual Capsules without any side effects) 1x10’s