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Antibiotics Drugs

We offer highly acclaimed Antibiotics Drugs in the national as well as international market. Antibiotics drugs are used for the treatment or prevention of infection caused by antibodies like bacteria, fungus, virus, etc. in the body. Our Antibiotics Generic Drugs are manufactured under the strict supervision of chemist on the basis of prescribed norms. Our antibiotic drugs are noted for offering quick respite from the ailments. They are used to cure viral fever, infection. Apart from this, we are one of the most prominent Oral Antibiotics Drugs Manufacturers & Suppliers of the country.

We Offer :-

  • Antibiotic Eye Drops
  • Antibiotic Injections
  • Antibiotic Oral Suspension
  • Antibiotic Tablets

Amoxycillin Capsules250mg1000'sAmoxycillin Capsules 250 mg 10 x 10
Amoxycillin Capsules500mg1000'sAmoxycillin Capsules500mg 10 x 10
Amoxycillin Dry Syrup125mg/5ml100mlAmoxycillin Injection500mg100vials
Amoxycillin Injection1 gm 100vialsAmpicillin Capsules250mg1000's
Ampicillin Capsules250mg 10x10 Ampicillin Capsule500mg 1000's
Ampicillin Capsule500mg 10X10Ampicillin Dry Syrup125mg/5ml100ml
Ampicillin Dry Syrup250mg/5ml100mlAmpicillin Injections500mg100vials
Ampicillin Injections1 gm 100vialsAmpiclox Capsules250+250 1000's
Ampiclox Capsules250+250 10x10Ampiclox Dry Syrup250mg/5ml100ml
Chloramphenicol Capsule250mg1000'sChloramphenicol Capsule250mg 10 x 10
Chloramphenico Injection1 gm 100vialsCloxacillin Capsules250mg 10 x 10
Cloxacillin Capsules250mg 1000'sCo-Trimoxazole Tablets480mg 1000's
Co-Trimoxazole Tablets480mg 10 x 10Co-Trimoxazole Syrup240mg/5ml100ml
Cephalexin Capsules250mg 1000'sCephalexin Capsules250mg 10 x 10
Cephalexin Capsules500mg 1000'sCephalexin Capsules500mg 10 x 10
Ceftriaxone Inj-500mg/1gmCefotaxime Inj-500mg/1gmCiprofloxacin-Inj.I.V-100mlCiprofloxacin-Eye-Ear Drop-5ml/10ml.
Ciprofloxacin Tablets250mg 10 x 10Ciprofloxacin Tablets250mg 1000's
Ciprofloxacin Tablets500mg 10 x 10Ciprofloxacin Tablets500mg 1000's
Doxycycline Capsule100mg 10 x 10 Doxycycline Capsule100mg 1000's
Doxycycline Tablets100mg 10 x 10Doxycycline Tablets100mg 1000's
Erythromycin Stearate Tablets250mg 1000'sErythromycin Stearate Tablets250mg 10 x 10
Gentamycin Injection80mg/2ml 100x2ml
Nalidixic Acid Tablets500mg 10 x 10Nitrofurantoin Tablets50/100mg 1000's
Norfloxacin Tablets400mg 10 x 10
Procaine Penicillin Fortified Inj4mega 100 vials
Sulphadimidine Tablets500mg 1000's
Tetracycline Capsules250mg 1000's Tetracycline Capsules250mg 10 x 10's STRIPS

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Antibiotic Tablets

We bring forth a wide range of Antibiotic Tablets that are remarkable for their efficient performance. Our Antibiotic Tablets like Doxycycline Hydrochloride Tablets and Amoxicillin Tablets are used to stop or kill the growth of bacteria that cause infection. Moreover, we are one of the top Amoxicillin Tablets


Antibiotic Injections

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Antibiotic Injections that are high on demand for its efficient performance. Our range of Antibiotic Injections includes Cefoperazone Injection, Cefotaxime Injection, Ceftriaxone Injection, and Ciprofloxacin Injection. These injections are manufactured under the supervision of


Antibiotic Oral Suspension

We are one-stop destination for all kinds of Antibiotic Oral Suspension in the international market. Our range of Antibiotic Oral Suspension comprises Amoxicillin Oral Suspension and Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension. They are used for treating ailment caused by antibodies in the human. Apart from that, we are one of


Antibiotic Eye Drops

Antibiotic Eye Drops offered by us are proved to be highly beneficial for various eye disorders. Manufactured under the strict supervision of experienced chemists and medical experts, these eye drops can also be used as ear drops. We offer Norfloxacin Eye Drops, Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops and Ofloxacin Eye Drops. Their